Moodle Hosting

  • eAbyas has managed Moodle Hosting services with servers located in India and USA
  • Managed a high concurrency Moodle Instances from optimizing the Application, Database and with multi-servers architecture
  • Provides a optimized Moodle Page views – improving the speed and concurrency of Moodle LMS
  • Managed Services – Disaster Recovery Policy, Business Continuity Plan and 3 tier back-up architecture

Moodle Support

eAbyas offers a range of Moodle support levels depending on

Moodle Installation

With a team of experts on core Moodle development and services,

Moodle Integrations

Some of our integrations / authentications implemented – ⦁

Moodle Custom Development

  • eAbyas is certified Moodle Development and has moodle experts
  • Developed around 100 plus Moodle custom plugins in the standard Moodle plugin framework
  • Team helps clients with Custom Workflow development
  • Integrations with third-party Elearning tools, HRMS …etc
  • Plugins developed in our custom products

Moodle Themes

  • Developed and user friendly and ease of navigation themes in Moodle
  • Custom Moodle Course page – an improvided and simplied navigation of course content

Moodle Training

For mission-critical e-learning you would be keen to train your